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Weed Spraying for broadleaf weeds

Weed Spraying/Weed Control 

How can we help you today?

Ace Vegetation offers a complete range of services designed to provide optimal management of vegetation for your right-of-ways, industrial property, or roadsides. Our services include:

  • Weed and Brush Spraying
  • Weed control/removal
  • Grass and Small Brush Mowing
  • Forestry Roadside Brush and Weed Control 
  • Reclamation Site Spray Programs
  • Municipal and Parks Invasive Weed Control Programs 

Weed and Brush Spraying

Spraying is one of the most practical vegetation-management options available. It is also one of the safest due to our careful selection and application of the herbicide. When appropriate, spraying offers a wide variety of benefits, the major ones being:

  • Low cost, as mowing can cost up to 400% more.
  • Highly effective because of our certified and trained crews, proper equipment and the appropriate choice of herbicide target the specific infestations.
  • Long lasting control, with some treatments lasting more than the first year of application.
  • Targetted programs control the specific weeds allowing other desired vegetation to flourish.
  • Eliminate invasive species before they can get a foothold on the property.
  • Eliminates fire hazards, or food sources for pests.
  • Improves the site appearance and reduces movement of weed seeds onto adjacent properties.

Why use Ace Vegetation?

  1. Customized, Full-Service Approach

We don't just spray your weeds. Ace Vegetation takes a full service approach to complete vegetation control management. Beyond the fieldwork, we create a long-term management program that works within your environmental and vegetation-control guidelines. Services range from record keeping and recommendations to land-owner liaison and public notification.


  1. Effective Control Options

We give you more options. Ace Vegetation has the flexibility to offer better choices due to experience, expertise, top-quality products and a full range of specialized equipment. To find out your options, please call the number below for a site assessment.

  1. Professionalism from the Ground Up.

Ace Vegetation not only complies with all government guidelines, it sets a higher standard for safety and effectiveness. This means you never have to worry. Most importantly:

    • All herbicides comply with federal pesticide control guidelines
    • Only Certified Licensed Pesticide Applicators and Authorized Assistants will operate our equipment.
    • All areas sprayed are documented.
    • Crew members must have H2S, WHMIS, TDG, CPR and Standard First Aid safety training.

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