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Hydro-Ax clearing brush

Other Vegetation Services - Mowing, Reclamation

Our Additional Services Include:

  • Brush Mowing and Mulching
  • Seismic Line Clearing
  • Grass Mowing
  • Forest Vegetation Management
  • Reclamation Services

Brush Mowing and Mulching

As an inexpensive and efficient alternative to labour-intensive hand-clearing and trimming, mowing is a tool often recommended when spraying is inappropriate. Pipelines and powerline rights-of-way often use brush mowing as an initial clearing method for control. It is also an effective tool for clearing large blocks of land prior to development. Offered as a year round service, mowing allows the site to be finished according to your specifications, giving you complete control. Ace Vegetation is equipped with a variety of mowers/mulchers, which allows versatility and all-terrain capabilities. The diverse group of mulching and mowing equipment includes Hydro-Ax 621's and 721's to Rayco 87 and 250's to the Gyro-trak 25XP there is the capability to match the necessary equipment to the project.

Please email us for our Mowing information package,  We will custom tailor a program suited for your property and budget requirements.

 Seismic Line Clearing

ACE has been actively working in the Seismic industry providing turnkey clearing operations.  We can provide slashing crews and brush mowers to clear the source and receiver lines.  By working with the Survey and Seismic companies in advance of the projects we have provided an effective service, completing the projects within the timeframe and within budget.

Forest Vegetation Management

Are you struggling to promote the best possible crop-tree growth while trying to responsibly manage the woodland environment? Ace Vegetation is prepared to help foresters address the big picture and meet the challenges of total resource management.

Ace Vegetation would be happy to assist you in any area from custom-designed program planning to implementing that program and tracking your progress.


We have designed and implemented reclamation programs for more than 10 years. Our expertise, especially in herbicide reclamation, allows us to reclaim an area quickly and cost-effectively. Ace Vegetation has a proven track record in restoring land to its natural state. We can help you meet government standards while doing your part in preserving our environment. Call for an assessment today.

ACE Vegetation Service
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