The Natural Choice

Ace Vegetation Control Service Ltd. offers a complete range of services designed to provide optimal management of vegetation for your rights-of-way, industrial property, or roadsides.

About Us

With over 43 years of experience, ACE Vegetation Service is the name you can count on for eliminating and controlling vegetation on your site. We specialize in developing strategic solutions to controlling and preventing weed and brush growth with a focus on a healthy environment. Reclamation is an added service that helps us expand our abilities to meet your needs.

A well-balanced approach

We don’t react to a situation with an impulsive solution. ACE will develop a plan for improving your site and right-of-way for the current season and for years to come. We’ll take care of your major vegetation challenges like eliminating prohibited and noxious weeds as well as fire and electrical hazards. ACE is proud to serve the oil and gas industry, pipelines, utilities, railways, municipal operations as well as provincial and federal organizations.

Our Services

The Natural Choice for Equipment

We’re proud to say that we own and operate some of the most diverse types of equipment in the industry. The equipment we designate to your project is based on your situation including your location, the vegetation, the terrain and environmental conditions.

We feature over ten types of specialized spray units including everything from a quad sprayer right up to Cross-country Nodwell tracked units. And, when the conditions require it, we employ Aerial and Helicopter spray equipment. We also offer low ground pressure mulchers as well as Hydro-Ax mowers for accessing any type of site.

From removing either small groves of trees to clearing long sections of linear rights-of-way, ACE has the right equipment to solve your vegetation issues.

The Natural Choice for Services

Every customer’s vegetation challenges are unique and so are the services we provide. We believe in developing well thought out strategies that are the right answer for you, your industry, your budget and the environment.

Before we recommend a service, we use our experience and expertise to understand your challenges, and then and only then do we recommend one or all of the following services: