Our Services

Every customer’s vegetation challenges are unique and so are the services we provide. We believe in developing well thought out strategies that are the right answer for you, your industry, your budget and the environment.

Before we recommend a service, we use our experience and expertise to understand your challenges, and then make recommendations based on your specific needs.

The Natural Choice for Equipment
We’re proud to say that we own and operate some of the most diverse types of equipment in the industry. The equipment we designate to your project is based on your situation including your location, the vegetation, the terrain and environmental conditions.
We feature over ten types of specialized spray units including everything from a quad sprayer right up to Cross-country Nodwell tracked units. And, when the conditions require it, we employ Aerial and Helicopter spray equipment. We also offer low ground pressure mulchers as well as Hydro-Ax mowers for accessing any type of site.
From removing either small groves of trees to clearing long sections of linear rights-of-way, ACE has the right equipment to solve your vegetation issues.

Weed Spraying and Control

Remove the Weeds. Control the Spread.

Invasive weeds aren’t just unsightly, they threaten crops, create fire hazards, and feed unwanted pests. Uncontrolled, weeds degrade land resulting in reduced productivity and economic losses. Weeds cause infestations for neighbours. Weed seeds move from one site to site on vehicles and equipment.

ACE eliminates invasive and regulated weeds from right-of-ways, industrial properties and roadsides.

Weed spraying is practical, safe and cost effective. You could save 400% by choosing spraying over mowing. We select and apply each herbicide to ensure lasting control, while enhancing the appearance of your site.

Our prescriptions will reduce the spread of weeds, keep sites clean and where appropriate, allow desirable vegetation to flourish. We will create a long-term management program that works with your environmental, legislative and vegetation-control guidelines.

Mowing and Mulching

Clear the Way. Reduce the Mechanical Control Costs.

Brush mowing/ mulching is an efficient, environmentally appropriate, and cost-effective alternative to labour intensive hand-clearing or trimming. We’ll remove trees with a diameter of up to six inches—and mulch the remaining debris.

Our year-round mowing and mulching service is adaptable to your specifications, meeting your short and long term objectives while considering the environmental considerations.

ACE provides a selection of mowers and mulchers to cover different types of terrain and conditions—meaning we’ll match the appropriate equipment with your unique project.

Brush Spraying

Target the Vegetation Problem. Reduce the Environmental Impact.

Brush spraying is the perfect cost-effective solution for managing your property. We use this method to target problem vegetation only. Thus, plants like grasses and shrubs are better able to flourish which in turn helps to suppress the unwanted vegetation. Brush spraying results in less maintenance costs and offers an optimal environment for wildlife. That’s because an area with grass and low-growing shrubs provides a more inviting forage environment than dense brush.

As an alternative to repetitive mulching/ mowing programs, brush spraying is used to create the optimal vegetation system for rights-of-way management on roadsides, pipelines and electrical utility corridors


Expert Advice. Sustainable Plans. Smart Solutions.

To clear, mow, or spray? That is the question. And sometimes the answer isn’t always obvious.

With more than 37 years in the business, Ace Vegetation is well-steeped in vegetation management programs, consultation, and management. Backed by technical resources and hundreds of years of combined experience, we can quickly assess your problem and offer cost effective, sustainable solutions.

Our detailed field plans provide short-term and long-term strategies for environmentally appropriate, safe, cost-effective vegetation management. We will even help you to obtain government permits and negotiate access permission with private land owners.

With ACE as your consultant, your project is in safe, responsible, and reliable hands.